Home Video King Vickk Debuts The Brand New Video For “Hollywood” | @KingVickk

King Vickk Debuts The Brand New Video For “Hollywood” | @KingVickk


King Vickk takes to the lights, cameras, and action in new video

King Vickk is back to his no days off, working hard to re-establish his brand within the hip-hop world.

Vickk takes his talents to the west coast making moves among the 5, the 91, the 10 in California with two lovely women and a two-seater in “Hollywood”.

Even though back in July, the release of “New World Order” mixtape made the scene as the first project to start the movement.

Not on the mixtape but the official video is to something brand new Vickk is cooking up to spark his brand and show he belongs with the upper echelon.

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